Environmental Statement

Carnival Corporation & plc, Puerta Maya, and all its 12 brands have jointly decided to take an active step in the protection of the environment and the very precious coral reef around the island of Cozumel by implementing the following environmental program:

1. Effective from Puerta Maya’s opening day, October 16, 2008, all passengers will be given a unique beach and coral reef etiquette card. This card which consists of a small map of the island, and the importance of the preservation of the coral reefs and the island beaches. The cards will be available in English at selected location in the cruise terminal. The cards can also be used as a souvenir or a bookmark.

2. A permanent exhibit that tells the story of the coral reef will be revealed during the opening ceremony of Puerta Maya on October 22, 2008 by Madame Cousteau. This 20 ft X 10 ft exhibit features a variety of panels and 3-D objects that tell the story of the reefs and the importance of their preservation.

3. Playa Casitas, artificial reef, made by 56,000 tons of the largest pieces of the Puerta Maya pier destroyed by hurricane Wilma in 2005. Task carried out by Gamayen Construction and maritime and environmental expert Oceanologist Jorge Salgado, paid by Carnival Corporation & plc. After six months the reef shows a great amount of fish migrating to it as a natural habitat and small colonies of corals have been detected.

4. Puerta Maya will start cooperating with the Department of Education in Cozumel, to work with school children on two different programs: one is an educational and training program about the ocean and the coral reef with materials provided and supported by Puerta Maya and Carnival Corporation & plc and the second one a program for groups of high school students to visit and see firsthand the environmental programs and operations taken place on board to protect the oceans, coral reef and its marine lives and to create a better understanding among the student population the responsibility that everyone has on the preservation of the coral reef and the oceans.

5. Carnival Corporation & plc brands have committed to sell snorkeling tours only from those operators who carry out their snorkeling operations in depths of 10 ft or more in Cozumel, North Caribbean and Central America