Frequently Asked Questions

We continue to receive some of the same questions from our visitors coming to Puerta Maya. We feel that the below Frequently Asked Questions section will assist you regarding information about your visit to the cruise center and Puerta Maya.  If you feel your question has not been answered below, please send us an e-mail at or via the Contact Us page of this site and we will respond within 48 hours. 
Q: What are the prices of the shore excursions listed on your web site and how do I book them?
A: All excursions listed on the Puerta Maya web site are sold exclusively through the cruise lines who call here. Visit the Shore Excursions section of your cruise lines web site for information on prices and to book excursions.  The excursions listed on this website are only a sampling of the excursions your cruise line may offer.
Q: I see that my cruise line is not offering some of the excursions you have posted on your web site.  Can I book these directly with you?
A: Unfortunately no. Excursions can only be booked through the cruise lines.
Q: Is there a place to rent a car for the day in Cozumel?
A: A car rental store is located within the Puerta Maya near the taxi departure area. Seat belts are mandatory. You will also find a listing of the local car rental stores under the Port Information section of the site.
Q: What is the cost to use the facilities at Puerta Maya (beach lounge chairs)?
 A: There is no charge to use the beach lounge chairs.  These are located in an area with sand and are ocean front.
Q: Do we need to bring our own beach towels from the ship or does the facility provide them for us.  If you do, is there a cost?
A: You will need to bring your own towels ashore with you.  The cruise lines would also be grateful if you would take them back on board.
Q: I see that we have a scheduled call to Puerta Maya on my cruise itinerary, but I do not see it on your schedule?
A: Probably your ship is scheduled to arrive to any of the other two Cruise Terminals in Cozumel:  Punta Langosta or SSA Mexico   
Q: Where can I obtain maps and additional tourist information?
A: Puerta Maya has a manned information kiosk located near the fountain in the main plaza.
Q: How much does it cost for a taxi to the different points of interest on Cozumel?
A: Please refer to the section entitled Taxi Information on the Port Information page of this web site. The taxis in Puerta Maya are not metered. Confirm your trip and price with your taxi driver before departing the port.
Q: Is there a bank near the cruise center?
A: ATMs may be found in downtown Cozumel
Q: Are there casinos on Puerta Maya?
A: No
Q: Where is the best shopping on Cozumel?
A: Without a doubt the best shopping is located at the cruise center. Also in the downtown area you can find a variety of stores.
Q: Can I walk into town?
A: Yes, downtown is about 2.8 miles from Puerta Maya. Though a nice view while walking, it may be very hot during the summer months or midday.
Q: Which is the best beach in Cozumel?
A: You can find beautiful beaches in the south of Cozumel or the East side of the island. Renting a car is advisable.
Q: How can I go to the other side of the island?
A: you can rent a car or take a Taxi, please if you take a taxi for this activity fist check the rates in the Taxi Information section on our site located on the Port Info page.