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'World's First' Underwater Oxygen Bar Opens at Puerta Maya

COZUMEL-  Last week Sub Sea Systems unveiled Clear Lounge, the one-of-a kind freestanding aquarium at Puerta Maya, Cozumel.  The experience, which is being billed as the "world's first" underwater oxygen bar, lasts about 20-25 minutes where guests wear a helmet that receives a flow of oxygen -- complete with optional aromatherapy.

Jim Mayfield, Sub Sea Systems President declared: ” We’re excited to introduce such an innovative underwater attraction, this experience will be one of the hottest trends in entertainment.  Clear Lounge is truly a unique social novelty. It’s incredibly fun, memorable and an activity guests are excited to share and talk about”.

The underwater experience gives participants the added option to play underwater Jenga, write-on message boards, and target practice with high-powered bubble guns. There's also an underwater photo booth. Participants will have an opportunity to have their photo taken in an underwater photo booth with a variety of props, from sunglasses to martini glasses.

The experience costs $38 and photos are an additional $22 for seven images.

For additional information please visit: http://www.clear-lounge.com/oxygen-bar/

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